Erowid – Massive online database about  psychoactive plants and chemicals, prides itself on reliable resources and information.

Roll safe – Information all about MDMA, good resource for supplement regimen.

Pill Reports – User written reports on pills in Australia. Focus on harm reduction and knowledge on quality of pills.

Ez-test – Sells test kits within Australia so potentially harmful adulterants can be identified.

/r/Drugs – A drug related subreddit that provides information, advice and goes into in-depth discussions about all things drugs.

Trip Sit  – Guide / ‘tripsit’ people who are going through a bad experience whilst under the influence of drugs. Also a good resource for harm reduction.

Psychonaut Wiki – A community-driven platform that presents information on psychonautics.

MAPS – A non profit organisation researching and documenting the use of marijuana and psychedelics as prescription drugs with the aim to make them legal prescriptions.

Bluelight – An international message board that allows open discussion about safe drug use and attempts to eliminate misinformation.

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