Methamphetamine Harm Reduction

  • Ensure that you eat, sleep and drink enough water when and after taking methamphetamine, as methamphetamine decreases the need for all these things. Getting the right amount of sleep, food and water will assist in easing the comedown.
  • Never use the same needles or injecting paraphernalia as someone else. This increases the chance of getting an infections and infectious diseases (hepatitis and HIV). Australia has a needle and syringe program where sterile needles and syringes are provided to those who want them.
  • Lowered inhibitions and an increased desire for sex can make people neglect safe sex practices. A condom should always be used when engaging in sex otherwise sexually transmitted diseases can spread. Methamphetamine contributed to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the US.
  • Aim to not use methamphetamine for long durations. An effect of methamphetamine is wakefulness for extended hours or even days. This increases negative effects like irritability and unpredictable behaviour.
  • Do not mix methamphetamine’s with other drugs. Alcohol can cause dehydration, cannabis increases the risk of being paranoid and other stimulants can be lethal to use with methamphetamine.
  • To reduce the risk of ‘meth mouth’ (cavities, loose teeth and tooth cracking) ensure lots of water is consumed (around 250- 500ml every hour if active) and oral hygiene is looked after. Addiction can cause a person to lose track of time and forget to look after themselves in this way.

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