MDMA Harm Reduction

It is always a good idea to test your drugs before you take them, as unknown and harmful adulterants could be added. Eztest offers a test kits within Australia.There is an Australian section on pill reports to check out user rated pressed pills.

When taking MDMA over heating and dehydration can happen. This is due to the loss of the body’s ability to regulate temperate when taking MDMA and dancing in a hot environment can raise the risk of overheating. Take 10 minute breaks from dancing and move to a cooler room once every hour will reduce the chance of overheating.

With increased body temperate and excess sweating dehydration is another risk while taking MDMA. It is also easy to forget the need to drink while on it. Ensuring you drink around 250 – 500ml of water every hour while exerting yourself to enable hydration.

Supplements help to counteract negative hangover effects and harm MDMA can cause:

  • 5-HTP lessens the effects of the hangover such as mood imbalances and mild depression. It is taken after using MDMA.
  • Magnesium reduces jaw clenching which is a common side effect from MDMA. Gum is another way to help with jaw clenching. Magnesium is taken a few hours before taking MDMA.
  • Vitamin C prevents MDMA causing liver damage and protects neurons. It is to be taken before and during.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid prevents serotonergic deficits and glial response changes that come with taking MDMA. Take (Na-R-ALA) before and then once every 2 hours.
  • Grape Seed Extract is high in vitamin E and protects against neuron death. It is taken before and during use.
  • Grapefruit Juice simply put allows the MDMA to be in your system for longer. Drink the juice in the morning, an hour before taking and afterwards.

For a more in depth list of supplements and information on dosage matznerd and Rollsafe cover this area really well.

Try not to re-dose when taking MDMA, this contributes to neurotoxicity and worse comedowns. In regards to MDMA neurotoxicity is the destruction of serotonin axons, the ‘communication cables’ of the serotonin system. Some functions of serotonin include regulating emotions, appetite, sleep and memory amongst others. If you do want to re-dose you can take a second dose 90 minutes after the first one. Make sure the amount of the second dose is only 2/3 – ½ of the original amount. For example if I took 125mg at 9pm I could take 60mg at 10:30pm.
Mixing MDMA with other drugs is not advised. Especially stimulants as this combination can cause overheating and increase heart rate and blood pressure.

SSRI’s and MDMA do not mix well together due to the way they both interact with serotonin in the central nervous system. If you are taking medication that is an SSRI the effects of MDMA will be greatly reduced.

Don’t take MDMA more than every 6 weeks. The ideal amount of time in-between uses is 3 months as this gives your brain enough time to re-adjust its serotonin.
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