Cannabis Harm Reduction

  • Smoking cannabis can increase the chance of a respiratory condition. Vaporizing as a method of consuming cannabis is a much better choice health wise as it negates respiratory toxins that are released when smoked. Eating edibles is another away to overcome the toxins but it takes a long time to feel the effects of the cannabis and can result in a person becoming more stoned than they would have liked.
  • Mixing tobacco and cannabis should be avoided. It adds the addiction of tobacco to the smoking of cannabis, as well as all the added chemicals in tobacco being consumed.
  • Avoidance of mixing other drugs with cannabis is a good idea as it can create strong effects and may create an overwhelming experience. Feelings of paranoia, anxiety and nausea can arise.
  • First time users should be aware that smoking too much can cause an unpleasant experience. Users should be aware of their capacity for taking cannabis. If too much is consumed changing environment can help as can having something to eat. Chronic users usually develop some sort of cognitive impairment, the longer cannabis is used the more noticeable the effects. Once quitting use chronic users experience increased levels of motivation, energy and retention of information as well as the ability to dream again (which is usually lost with long term use).

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