LSD Harm Reduction

  • The best way to take LSD is if you are in a comfortable environment with trusted friends.
  • LSD combined with weed can make the trip a lot more intense and sometimes unbearable. It is advised to not mix the two until the peak of the trip is over.
  • Always test drugs with a test kit, Eztest provide kits for Australia. It is recommended that when taking LSD it is swallowed. This is because NBOMes, which are commonly sold as LSD, do not give any effects if they are swallowed.
  •  The danger with NBOMes is that overdose can occur; NBOMe has a metallic bitter taste whereas LSD rarely has a taste.  To overdose on LSD is practically impossible, fatal doses are reported on Erowid to be 10mg, which is 100 times a normal dose of LSD
  • One of the most harmful things that can occur while taking LSD is having a bad trip. Physically LSD has little to none harmful effects making it one of the ‘safer’ drugs, although psychologically this can be a different story. If a bad trip happens and you are alone Trip Sit can help you by talking to a real person who will assist through rough times.
  • A trip sitter (a sober trusted friend) is a good idea for inexperienced users to help combat a bad trip. If a bad trip occurs a trip sitter should try and make the person feel safe and let them know they are there for them and everything is okay. A sitter should encourage the friend to accept how they are feeling and not to resist bad feelings as resistance makes the situation worse. Trip Safe has a brilliant list of things to do if someone is having a bad trip/

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